Compressor Service Plans

Kohler air compressor sales and servicingFrom our service centre in Whangarei, AirConnect offer customised compressor servicing plans for businesses from Orewa to as far north as Kaitaia.


An air compressor is a considerable investment for any business. When you add up the costs of pipework, installation and the unit itself, even a minor breakdown in your equipment adds to an already substantial cost.

AirConnect aim to eliminate all breakdowns and any production down time by always providing you with the best regular maintenance possible. With our custom service packages we tailor maintenance to suit your schedule.

AirConnect Air Compressor Service Plan

You may not always be able to tell when your compressor needs to be serviced. This is where we come in.

By doing routine checks on all system aspects, any malfunction component can be brought to your attention before it becomes a bigger problem. This is only one step in our Tyre Shop Air Compressor Service Plan.

With weekly, monthly and yearly checks available, you can always stay ahead of any potential problems before they cost you time and money.

AirConnect Nail Gun Service Plan

We know just how useful your nail gun is for getting a quality job done quickly. But overuse with little to no maintenance can lessen the life of your most useful asset.

Our nail gun service plans run from a simple inspect, re-lube and clean to a complete reassemble with all new quality parts.

Plan your custom service by air tool type and schedule regular services throughout the year to keep your tools at their best.