Nail Gun Servicing & Repairs

nail gun service repair whangareiNail guns need regular servicing to ensure that they continue to work safely and effectively. They use the same type of system to work as the compressor that supplies the air to them. A large piston inside of the head slides up and down. This piston drives a blade downward into a clip of nails that is attached to the gun. A trigger on the pneumatic nail gun allows the person using it to control the number of nails forced out of the tip. When all of the nails are used, a new clip is inserted into a spring-loaded mechanism.


That is a lot of independently working parts. The malfunction of any one of which can cause your nail gun to break down.

In fact, One of the most common causes of nail gun breakdown is inadequate lubrication. This can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Nail Gun Repairs

At AirConnect we know that reliability of your tools is vitally important. We repair all makes and models of nail guns and all of their associated parts.

Nail Gun Servicing

AirConnect provide regular maintenance programme to keep your nail guns running smoothly and problem-free. Simply bring it in and one of our helpful professionals will return it in top shape.
We repair and service all sizes and brands of nail guns from big to small – no matter where you bought it or what industry it’s used for.

Our nail gun servicing schedules include a full internal clean out, replacement of top flange sealing O-rings, relube and testing.

Nail Gun Parts

We always have the best spare parts and accessories readily available, including; replacement tips, trigger springs and pistons.

Don’t let a malfunctioning nail gun slow your business down. Call us to schedule a service or learn more about our servicing schedules.