Air Tools Servicing & Repairs

air tool servicing WhangareiDid you know that all pneumatic tools have a recommended pressure range that they need to be operated within? This range is one of the many individual elements that allow your tool to perform as intended. Operating your air tool at any pressure that exceeds this recommended level can lead to a variety of problems including air and moisture being introduced into the hydraulic system. If your tool is not operating correctly, it could be costing you. Imagine the danger of not fastening a customer’s tire correctly?


Don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining proper air pressure in your air tools.

Air Tool Servicing

At AirConnect we know how important it is to have your tool repaired and back into service. Our primary goal is to minimize your downtime while keeping costs to a minimum. We can provide a regular maintenance programme to ensure that your tools maintain peak levels of operation.
We service and maintain all makes and models of air tools (even if you bought them somewhere else), including; grease guns, blow guns, staplers and nailers.

Air Tool Repairs

Are your tools running poorly? AirConnect can repair all makes and models of pneumatic tools and all associated equipment including; hoses, connectors and triggers.

Air Tool Parts

Want to fix it yourself? No problem. AirConnect have spare parts and accessories readily available, including; dowel pins, throttle valves and O-rings.

Don’t settle for less than optimum performance. To discuss the maintenance of your air tools, give us a call.